My first fall limited edition bottle and glad it was this one: Yellowstone 2019 Limited Edition Nine Year Old Bourbon

Ah Fall. Crisp weather, football, sweaters, fire in the fireplace, hearty foods, and limited release bourbons. Definitely my favorite time of year. I got to pick up my first fall limited edition bottle the other day. This one is a 101 proof bourbon; aged stated as nine years old but it has some twelve year old whiskey in there. The Yellowstone 2019 Limited Edition Bourbon.

Yellowstone is a product of Limestone Branch Distillery, which is the brain child of Steve and Paul Beam, whose family roots are both Beam and Dant. This bourbon is distilled at Heaven Hill but aged at Luxco in Louisville. Given how good Old Ezra seven year old is, this older stuff is potentially amazing.

The color is a medium amber with delightful burnt orange flecks. You can tell there is some nice age on this. Lovely oily long legs. On the nose, caramelized brown sugar, vanilla, freshly baked pastry, and baking spice. Lovely. On the palate, the caramelized brown sugar shows itself; vanilla, milk chocolate, clove are also there. Delightful mouthfeel; medium rich and really quite something for a non-cask strength bourbon. The finish is amazing; the oak aging really shows itself with oak and cinnamon lingering on quite long with a slight hint (aka just the right amount) of anise.

Normally, I am a big fan of cask strength bourbon, but 101 proof is perfect on this. I can really taste this whiskey for a very long time before swallowing to really enjoy it, and there is a lot to enjoy.

At $100 for one of only 10,000 bottles, this is a must get for the serious bourbon connoisseur. This bourbon is really really good. I found the Yellowstone 93 proof bourbon to have this really expensive mouthfeel on a fairly young bourbon but was non-plussed with the flavor. Well, this has that mouthfeel on an extremely well aged bourbon with tremendous flavor. Stephen Beam seems to have his pick of honey barrels at Luxco, and a discerning palate. And that is a great combination.

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