This year’s Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel is truly excellent!

With so many bourbons in my queue to review, I don’t often review bourbons I have already reviewed. Sure, I review every Booker’s and Barrell bourbon release because they are by definition different. I review store picks for the same reason. I also will compare certain expensive bottles to their predecessors.

I have reviewed Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel before. I haven’t seen a bottle since last September because demand has skyrocketed for this bourbon. It now trades on the secondary market. So, last week I was able to score a bottle at Hokus Pokus. I wasn’t planning on reviewing it. I took it to the Van Gogh Gala at River Oaks Art Center last Saturday, just to enjoy with friends. I was blown away at how good this was.

The color is a nice medium dark golden amber. Legs are incredibly oily. On the nose, dark orange, vanilla, oak, very mouth watering. On the palate, the dark orange, vanilla, and oak are very much there, but with herbal tea floating in the background. Medium mouthfeel. But the finish really lingers. The oak notes on the finish are really incredible. A tremendous bourbon, start to finish.

Comparing it to last year’s bottle I still had a little of, yes, it’s the same bourbon but this year’s bottle has so much more oak and tastes so much better.

2019 is a very good year for E.H. Taylor Single Barrel. If you get the opportunity to buy one you should.

I kinda feel bad I took this bottle out for casual drinking last Saturday. But not too bad…

One thought on “This year’s Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel is truly excellent!

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