Col. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bottled in Bond

As my regular readers know, I am a huge E.H. Taylor fan. The Small Batch is one of my go to bottles that I often recommend to folks who want a respectable but not overly expensive bourbon for their home bar. Their Barrel Proof releases are something special. But, I am really excited to try the single barrel again simply because the barrel proof and Four Grain releases this year have been better than the year before.

Small Batch generally runs $35 to $40 where I am, which I think is pretty affordable for old school top drawer bottled in bond bourbons. The Single Barrel is generally $15 more than small batch. All E.H. Taylor bourbons come from the same warehouse at Buffalo Trace that Col. Taylor constructed. It is a heated warehouse so the whiskey aged there gets more interaction with the barrels during the winter than they otherwise would.

On the nose, this most recent Single Barrel release is corn syrup, a little allspice, with a hint of leather. Color is a golden amber with a very slight reddish tinge, but slightly lighter than the Four Grain release from this year. Long silky legs. On the palate, corn syrup sweetness is quickly followed by baking spices, cherry cordial (not chocolate covered, just the cordial part with the cherry liqueur), with a finish that turns to light cinnamon and anise, with a sugared herbal tea note. The finish just goes on and on. The herbal notes are very similar to the Four Grain release last year.

Delightful. But it is missing the added oak of this year’s Four Grain and Barrel proof releases. I will say though that this Single Barrel is awfully close to both Four Grain releases as far as flavor profile. If you missed out on either of those or are a big fan of those, this recent Single Barrel is right on that mark without the wheat. I would venture to say that this is Buffalo Trace’s high rye recipe you find in Blanton’s, just aged in the Taylor warehouse but does not have the Blanton’s drying finish. I think Blanton’s fans would really like this release.

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