Tasting Notes on Booker’s Country Ham-Batch 2019-3

Yeah, I pretty much review each batch of Booker’s if I can get my hands on a bottle. Last week Hokus got 2019-3 in, styled as Country Ham. This one is six years, four months, and two days old, and a healthy 124.7 proof.

Color is a nice medium amber. Solid thick legs. Nose is heavy caramel and a little oak with some brown sugar and candied peanut notes. This is definitely going to be similar to Kentucky Chew with a very traditional Jim Beam flavor profile with the Beam Family Yeast playing a pretty big role here. On the palate, there is a very rich thick mouthfeel, with caramelized brown sugar, candied peanuts and rye spice, with a hint of licorice as the lingering finish arrives.

A very complex bourbon but a bit on the peanut side for me. But I think this would go great with Rocky Road Ice Cream, or a hot nutty brownie with vanilla ice cream, or bread pudding with bourbon sauce. I hope some of my favorite local restaurants have this bottle the next time I order desert.

However, on another level, I do have to say that Old Grand Dad 114 is kind of similar to this bourbon. At a whole lot less cost.

I started this review on Tuesday night and decided to do a second tasting after a couple days, to see if a little oxidation would tame the candied peanut flavor. The oak and vanilla are more prominent now, which is a good thing. For big fans of the traditional Jim Beam flavor profile, this is a must have. If you aren’t, this is a definite pass at the price.

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