Tasting Notes: Old Carter Bourbon Batch Louisiana 2

Got to pick up Old Carter Bourbon Batch Louisiana 2 today at Hokus Pokus. Uncorked is the distributor for Old Carter in Louisiana and arranged for this batch to be sent to Louisiana. This is MGP bourbon that, after blending but that is uncut and unfiltered, comes in at a nice 119 proof, in a batch that yielded 705 bottles. Probably three or maybe four barrels in the batch given the number of bottles. I paid $148 for this bottle. Old Carter is expensive, but given that Old Carter rebarrels their sourced whiskey is new charred oak casks, the cost factor makes sense.

Really lovely deep dark amber color, reflecting a likely age of eight to twelve years old. On the swirl, big thick film and oily long legs. On the nose there is a lot of vanilla, some light caramel notes, some clove notes, and dark fruits. Really complex and very nice on the nose. On the palate, the mouthfeel is really lucious and thick. Deep vanilla notes, candied cherries, clove, leather, English pipe tobacco, and oak are followed by a finish where the cloves turn to baking spices with the pipe tobacco notes mingling with the cherry notes as the finish fades. Finish is long and lingering.

This is very different from Louisiana Batch 1. But good on Uncorked for picking this batch. I find this bottle’s flavor profile to be similar to Heaven Hill 17. The rebarreling in fresh charred oak casks really did its thing here, and this bourbon is really excellent.

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