Tasting Notes: Old Carter Bourbon Batch 1-LA for Uncorked

I have previously written about Old Carter. Their Louisiana distributor, Uncorked, arranged for a special batch of Old Carter just for them, Batch 1-LA (hopefully the first of many), and it has been delivered to the stores in Louisiana that previously received Old Carter releases. There are only 570 bottles in the release at it will go fast. I paid $190 which is what premium whiskies now sell for. This one is MGP distillate, barrel strength and unfiltered, at 117.4 proof. No age statement but Old Carter’s bourbons tend to be well aged and are probably secondarily aged in new oak barrels like Kentucky Owl is.

Color is a very deep amber, with a really nice film and legs on the swirl. Just guessing, but this batch probably contains bourbons in the eight to twelve year old range based on the color. Very classic yet elevated bourbon nose, with heavy dark caramel, some vanilla, rye and baking spice, and some oak tannin in the background. On the palate is loads of dark fruit and floral notes, and spearmint, marzipan, clove, cinnamon, and a hint of black pepper. Really complex and delicious; decadent. Incredible mouthfeel and this bourbon feels juicy on the palate. On the finish is oak, spice, and juicyfruit. Finish is long and lingering.

I have tried bourbon batches 9 and 10 from Old Carter, and re-tried them this week in anticipation of this batch release. 1-LA is more complex than batches 9 and 10, and I think it is my favorite from Old Carter whiskey thus far. Really good on Uncorked for getting this special batch from Old Carter for their Louisiana customers.

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