Tasting Notes: Old Carter Straight Rye Whiskey Batch 9

Old Carter Rye Batch 9 is non-aged stated and distilled at MGP; 116.4 proof. There were 1799 bottles in the batch. Color is a solid amber that would likely put this in the 8 to 9 year range, but it could be a blend of younger and older barrels. Big thick legs on the swirl; a very oily and rich whiskey.

On the nose, some citrus fruit, wintergreen mint, with some nice light herbal notes in the background. Very intriguing. On the palate the citrus fruit take a background to the heavy wintergreen mint flavor, but with some burnt caramel and milk chocolate in the background. Kind of like a milk chocolate creme d’menthe brulee. But there is some rye spice there too. On the finish, which is pretty long and lingering, you get the mint and rye spice notes lingering with some drying oak.

This rye whiskey is on the level with these guys. I really think this could be an old school all rye mashbill like this one. This is top drawer rye whiskey that deserves a special place on your bar.

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