Tasting Notes: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch C921

This one weighs in at 120.2 proof, and, as noted previously, I kinda of like this bourbon at non-hazmat proof. Glad this is still 12 year old age stated. This ran me $72 at Hokus Pokus. They only got a few bottles. Gone are the days of three or four years ago when I could get this all the time at Hokus. Such is bourbon post-pandemic; this too is now allocated heavily.

Deep deep amber in color. Nice oily legs and film on the swirl. Lots of nice vanilla and dark fruit on the nose. The vanilla is dominant on the palate and the dark fruit moves into the background. On the finish the fruit comes back along with clove and wonderful oak tannin. Really nice mouthfeel and I really like the finish on this. I enjoy vanilla heavy bourbon, so I really like this one. For a twelve year old barrel proof bourbon that is non-chill filtered this is solid.

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