Tasting Notes: Little Book Chapter 5, the Invitation

A very interesting blend of 2 year old bourbon, 3 year old rye malt whiskey, a five year old bourbon, and a fifteen year old bourbon. MSRP is $125. This is my second sampling after opening it up with some friends. This is 116.8 proof.

Color is a chestnut brown with a hint of mahogany. On the swirl is a thin film, with some thick legs and droplets developing. Baking aromas (and not just baking spice, but the bread/crust notes as well) and vanilla on the nose with a hint of leather and oak. On the palate, vanilla, cherries, baking spice lead off, followed by some leathery notes and wonderful oak tannin. Very nice mouthfeel. On the finish the cherries fade into baking spice and oak, with the finish lingering a good while. No funky or peanut notes at all, which is a plus.

This is very much like a good bottle of Booker’s, but more refined. This bottle is headed to the living room bar; it is too good to leave in the kitchen bar. This is a delightful whiskey that is extremely well balanced.

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