Proof and Wood’s The Representative Barrel Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Proof and Wood is a newer producer in Bardstown, Kentucky. They have released a number of different whiskies and other spirits. Of particular note is Tumbling Dice and Idle Hands, which I have seen posts regarding on the internet. Their DC collection consists of different bourbons and ryes. I have heretofore passed on these, because the only ones available to me were a 14 year old Tennessee bourbon that was 94.2 proof (The Justice) and a cash strength six year old rye (The Senator). I did recently pick up The Representative at Hokus Pokus, which is a four year old bourbon produced at MGP in Indiana and aged for four years (two Congressional terms as they put it). This one is cask strength at 114.6 proof on a barrelling proof of 120, so we lost a little alcohol in the aging process here. The mashbill is only 21% rye, which for me is low rye. This bottle cost $42.99, which is pretty reasonable.

The color is a pretty solid amber for only four years of aging. On the swirl is a thin film but with nice legs developing. Nose is rich in caramel with a hint of vanilla. On the palate the vanilla is more evident along with lots of candied cherries with a little bit of a floral note. On the finish the cherry notes carry over into some baking spice and clove. The finish is very long on this bourbon. There is no craft bitterness or anything off putting about this bourbon.

This is a good bourbon – nice for after dinner, with a cigar or dessert. It is amazing what a difference a year in a barrel can make for an MGP whiskey. This cost far less than this cask strength Pinhook and tastes twenty times better. And it’s only one year older, although it could have some older whiskey in the mix with the “Aged At Least 4 Years” statement on the label. Very well done whiskey.

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