Tasting Notes: Booker’s 2020-03 “Pigskin Batch”

This is a new style of post for the blog; “Tasting Notes”, which are going to be shorter in length and reserved for new releases or store picks of whiskies previously reviewed on this blog. Tonight’s tasting notes bottle is the third quarter release of 2020 for Booker’s, which is now harder to find than hens teeth. I was only able to get my hands on this a couple of weeks ago even though it was released late last summer.

This Booker’s is relatively high proof at 127.3 proof. Aged in the top floors of the warehouses, this should be pretty rich, despite being only six years and seven months old.

Color: Nice deep amber.

Swirl: Thin film with long thick legs; interesting.

Nose: Candied corn, vanilla bean, a little oak.

Palate: Rich mouthfeel, wonderful caramel and vanilla, butterscotch candies, with a touch of oak. A classic Booker’s flavor profile without the peanut funk.

Finish: The butterscotch candies and caramel carry over into the finish, which turns to slightly drying oak. Finish is about medium length but amazing flavors.

Final thoughts: While I do have to say that Knob Creek Single Barrel at 120 proof and nine years at less cost, and particularly the store picks, are probably a better value, there is something special about Booker’s, and the Pigskin batch really shows that off. This batch is really complex and the finish is amazing.

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