1792 Twelve Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon

I have blogged extensively on 1792, which is a bourbon made at Buffalo Trace’s sister distillery 1792 Barton in Bardstown, Kentucky. I have also noted that their older bourbon can really be top shelf even when bottled by someone else. 1792 has done a limited release of a twelve year old bourbon and I picked up a bottle today.

This bourbon is 96.6 proof. A little higher than the small batch and slightly higher than the 14 year old Calumet Farms release. Color is a nice healthy amber with big legs and film on the swirl. Very traditional bourbon nose with vanilla and some nice fruitiness. On the palate is vanilla and dark fruits mingling with rye spice along with some herbal notes. Big bold flavors despite being proofed down below 100. Definitely a high rye mashbill but is nicely balanced with fruit. On the finish the fruitiness carries into wonderful oak that really lingers on the palate.

At a $45 retail price point, which is about half the price of the Calumet Farms 12 year old Black Rack release, this is an outstanding bourbon. I do hope 1792 will continue to release older bourbons in the future because they truly are great.

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