Barrell Bourbon Batch 15

Barrell Bourbon is probably the only bourbon that I review every single release. Because every batch is different as they say.

Batch 15 is made up of nine and a half to 12 year old bourbons from Tennessee and Kentucky. It clocks in at only 107.6 Proof, which means this whiskey had a lot of alcohol evaporate from it. If I had to bet this is Four Roses whose cask strength stuff tends to be lower proof and Barrell’s standard palate from Cascade Hollow/Dickel.

Color is a nice golden amber with very slight reddish tones. Very oily legs. Nose is rich in cinnamon and ginger; very mouthwatering. The palate follows along with the same flavors but with some earthiness and syrup sweetness that turns to candied fruit.

I really have to say this batch has a lot to unpack flavor wise. This one has a lot of character and complex flavors. Definitely better than batches 13 or 14. I have pretty much decided that their Tennessee bourbon is far more interesting when paired with MGP or Four Roses rather than Heaven Hill/Luxco juice because the contrasts are far more stark.

Definitely worth picking up.

One thought on “Barrell Bourbon Batch 15

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