Woodford v. Woodford-the case for Store Barrel Picks

This past week a fellow attorney at the office asked me for advice for bourbon selections for their home bar. One of my recommendations was Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. While I have previously blogged about this bourbon, and how great it is when stores pick their own barrels of whiskey for special bottlings, I did want to spread the news that Hokus Pokus just got in a store barrel of Woodford Double Oaked. I wanted to spread the news, because store barrel picks of whiskey are about the best value in bourbon you can get.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked is a delightful bourbon that punches way above its weight class at 90.4 proof as far as flavor. Ultra aged non-cask strength bourbons, like Diageo’s Orphan Barrel Series, wish they were this good. Tremendous oak, wood sugars, corn sweetness, and rye spice come together for incredible taste. Lovely mouthfeel and finish.

But the store pick? They turned the wood sugars up to volume 11, kept the oak, turned down the corn sweetness, upped the rye spice. Yeah, it’s the same whiskey but it’s definitely special. A truly great after dinner whiskey that would pair amazingly with bread pudding or creme brûlée.

To my local friends in Alexandria, Lake Charles, or Baton Rouge, head to Hokus Pokus to get a bottle or two before it’s gone.

2 thoughts on “Woodford v. Woodford-the case for Store Barrel Picks

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