Last Call for 2021 – Bomberger’s Declaration Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Bomberger’s Declaration is a limited release bourbon from Michter’s, and is a limited release offering much like Shenk’s Homestead. While Shenk’s is a sour mash (likely a half corn half rye mashbill), Bomberger’s is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon bottled at 108 proof. For the 2021 release, there was only 1,735 bottles, making this a very limited release. It generally runs around $90 to $100 retail; for me, this was a Christmas gift from my daughters with the help of the good folks at Hokus Pokus. Bomberger’s was another name for the old Michter’s distillery at some point in its history. Some of the barrels that went into this release were specially made form Chinquapin oak that was naturally air dried for three years, and then given a heavy char.

The color on it is a beautiful deep amber with some flecks of mahogany. Super thick film with gravity defying thick legs – definitely a well made and well aged spirit. Rock solid bourbon nose with vanilla, burnt caramel, baked goods, maple syrup, red apples and cherries. Really complex nose. On the palate, the mouthfeel of this bourbon is very rich, with flavors of charred oak being met with burnt caramel, vanilla cream, and candied cherries. Really delicious. On the finish, the cherry and oak flavors linger and linger, and when I exhale through my nose I get that really elegant bourbon sensation that I get when drinking Pappy or Buffalo Trace Antique Collection whiskies.

I have to say I much prefer Bomberger’s over Michter’s ten year old. The higher proof really makes a difference. But, I have to say, after drinking this, the folks at Michter’s definitely know what they are doing. This is a great bourbon that punches actually above its price point which, in today’s bourbon market, is really something.

Sarah, Caroline, and Lizzie, you done good for the old man at Christmas!

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