Tasting Notes on my Christmas Bourbon: Blanton’s Single Barrel Gold Edition

There is such a huge amount of not only hype but demand for Blanton’s, about which I have written extensively. Once a bottle for bourbon nerds it is the most sought after. Made by Buffalo Trace, the Blanton’s brand name, along with Elmer T. Lee, is owned by Age International, which is a Japanese company the owned the Ancient Age distillery before Sazerac bought it and renamed it Buffalo Trace. Sazerac, therefore, does not have total say about the Blanton’s brand. The really good Blanton’s, straight from the barrel and the Gold Edition, have previously been export only. However, they have started releasing some Gold edition in the United States and my wife was able to snag me one for Christmas. The main difference is proof – 103, as opposed to 93 proof on the regular Blanton’s. Gold lettering embossed on the bottle, the gold stopper, and the black bag with gold colored accents are also nice touches. This barrel was dumped on June 24, 2020, and was aged on rick number 1, which would be one of the cooler areas of hot metal warehouse H.

Color is a very nice amber, with a thin film and very slow moving small legs. Very classic bourbon nose, with some nice vanilla notes and herbal rye notes with some underlying fruitiness which I think is green apples and hint of oak. On the palate, what immediately hits you is the thick and rich mouthfeel on this bourbon. Its luxurious. As far as flavor, it is all pie made with green apples with nice notes of cinnamon, with a little bit of caramel drizzle. On the finish, the green apples begin to fade into baking spices and oak tannin.

I’ll be the first one to say that Blanton’s is overhyped, but just about everything is nowadays. But I have to admit this bourbon is really really nice. The higher proof I think is what gives this bourbon such an amazing mouthfeel, and the flavors on the Gold Edition are delicious and well balanced. Definitely glad to add this one to my bar and am glad this bourbon finally came back home to America.

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