Tasting Notes: Oak & Eden Bourbon & Spire Select Hokus Pokus Barrel Pick

I have previously written about Oak & Eden. Hokus Pokus decided to do a barrel pick and this one is MGP rye recipe bourbon finished with a French oak spire and bottled at a healthy 116 proof.

The color on this is a deep amber with some mahogany in it. I think the oak spire definitely did its thing there. On the swirl is a thick film and gravity defying legs. On the nose is caramel and a little vanilla, but with a ton of oak. On the palate, the caramel is not as present and the vanilla comes more to the fore, along with candied herbal rye and baking spice. On the finish is baking spice and angostura bitters. Medium mouthfeel. Letting this whiskey breathe for a bit really enhances the flavors and decreases the bitter notes.

This is pretty reasonably priced at $50 for a high proof store pick. This is massively better than the standard Oak & Eden I tried, and I like this better than Penelope which is in the same price range and also is high proof MGP bourbon. When Hokus first told me they had picked a barrel of Oak & Eden, my reaction was “Why? It’s not that good.” Tasting this I get why Hokus invested in a barrel of delicious high proof whiskey.

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