Oak & Eden Bourbon and Spire Finished Whiskey; An Interesting Whiskey That’s Too Young

My wife and step daughter are always on a quest to find a bourbon I haven’t tried. It’s like a game for them. My step daughter was gleeful when I opened my Father’s Day present from her and my grand daughter because not only had I not had this bourbon, I had never even heard of it. Oak and Eden?

Oak and Eden is an outfit in Texas that is distilling their own bourbon and rye and infusing same with spires of oak inside the bottle. This bourbon has a toasted oak spire, but they have whiskies with Cabernet and Rum infused oak spires. The bourbon itself is a mere two years old, although those years were Texas years, which is like three and a half Kentucky summers but without the winters in between to let the bourbon rest. Bottled at 90 proof which is the standard proof for most craft bourbons nowadays; I wish I could encourage them to go old school at 100 proof, but craft distillers are trying to stretch their whiskies into more dollars.

On the nose, I can immediately tell this is young bourbon; while there is some nice vanilla and floral notes and there is a hint of oak, American whiskies pulled from the barrels too young tend to have this medicinal note that disappears with time in the barrel. Color is a medium amber; darker than scotch but not by much. It does have amazingly long, thick legs. Which tells me they know what they are doing as far as distilling.

On the palate though, this bourbon is much better than some other younger bourbons I have tried. The vanilla notes come to the fore, there are some grape, floral, and honey notes that follow, and then the medicinal notes on the nose turn to angostura bitters, which is pretty nice sine I like Old Fashioneds and Manhattans. This has a nice medium body on the mouthfeel. The finish is medium with the floral and bitters notes.

I think I will let this whiskey sit for a few months and let the spire do its thing and see if that enhances the whiskey. Definitely an interesting novelty whiskey for your bar.

One thought on “Oak & Eden Bourbon and Spire Finished Whiskey; An Interesting Whiskey That’s Too Young

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