Heaven Hill BIB 7yr…


Disclaimer: This is my first review to The Whiskey Jar, and I will do my best not to bore you. You will notice I have my own approach to writing reviews that works for me. You may find what I have to say informative, or you may think I am full of shit. Either way, it’s my opinion, so take it for what it is… I can’t tell you everything I get out of  a pour, whether it was filtered through unicorn hair and finished in the juices of Aphrodite, but I will do my best.

I have decided to review the highly (cough) anticipated release or re-release I should say, of Heaven Hill Bottled-In-Bond, 7 year, Kentucky bourbon whiskey. If you know the story behind this release I am not going to waste my time, if you don’t know about it, climb out from under your rock and google the shit. Crash course coming up.

Heaven Hill previously produced a very low cost bourbon, Heaven Hill 6 year BIB (Bottled-In-Bond) for those who are still wet behind the ears. It was good, sold well for around $12, one of the better bottom shelf bourbons around… HH (Heaven Hill) seeing the dollar signs flying due to the “Bourbon Boom”, did what any company would do….discontinue it to make a higher profit by revamping the label. Hence now we have HH 7yr BIB…if you can’t figure out the acronym’s by now I can’t help you.

I got the call from my local store that it had arrived and to come on in to pick it up. Got my bottle at $44.99, which is close enough to retail and off I went with a little skip to my step. Did the obligatory Instagram picture/post, so everyone else who hasn’t got one yet can be jealous, which is the only reason some people post…So, if you care you can see it on my IG page @bonin2thefuture

Now, enough bull shit, on to the review…


First, the change in packaging. HH did a great job with making this bottle sexy. Fits will in the hand, round and slightly tapered, from the font to the layout is really clean and professionally done. Hats off to you for that portion of the bottle HH.

Upon opening the bottle, before I smell or taste, I hold in my head the soft but robust caramel and vanilla fondly I remember from the 6yr release….I nose the glass…A little warm but good potential. First sip…not bad but not great. What initially starts off as that robust caramel and vanilla is quickly kicked in the balls to reveal bitter and hot flashes to the tongue. Almost like someone mixed kerosene with your butter and made you toast. It completely washes away any potential at being great. It’s unfortunate but it is what it is for me…and goes on to reiterate what I have been noticing from heaven Hill as of late, putting out a subpar product to make more money. As if they are anticipating the “Bourbon Bubble” to POP and be out on the back burner again.

It really saddens me as I do like Heaven Hill and most of their distillate, but when something isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it. At $12 for the 6yr, I say buy all day…at $44.99, and I am sure secondary will go higher…..HARD PASS! I already declined the second bottle I had coming. I prefer Four Roses single barrel, John J Bowman, even regular Buffalo Trace over this any day of the week.

Makes me also glad I didn’t pick up the new Parker’s Heritage 8Yr rye, “Heavily Toasted Barrel” at almost $200 a bottle…YANK YANK YANK….I’ll go grab a Whistle Pig 10yr, single barrel store pick instead.

I will leave you with this parting words that my own dumbass self should fallow….stop chasing a labels, and enjoy what is already there and available. Definitely try this at a bar or a friends house before buying one for yourself an having buyer remorse.





3 thoughts on “Heaven Hill BIB 7yr…

  1. I’ll take any Parker’s Heritage release over any Canadian rye sources over hyped product any day. One is released only once per year and is unique. The other is simply common and one of thousands released non stop throughout the year.


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