Brief tasting notes: Booker’s Theresa’s Batch, 2019-1

I have written a good bit about Booker’s, the cask strength bourbon in the Jim Beam Small Batch Collection. This past weekend I picked up the 2019-1 Batch, Theresa’s Batch, so rather than recounting the history and comparing it to Knob Creek Single Barrel 120 proof releases that are older and that many say are better than Booker’s, and all that, I am just going to write on how this one tastes.

Coming in at 125.9 proof, this is a hair lower than the 2018-4 batch, Kitchen Table, which was 128 proof. Color is a lovely burnt orange. On the swirl is a thin film with nice legs. On the nose is traditional bourbon notes of vanilla, caramel, a hint of oak and leather, with a little alcohol. On the palate, the traditional bourbon notes give way to macadamia nuts and cherries, with the cherries dominating the finish. Delicious. The flavors on this are outstanding, nice syrupy mouthfeel without being too thick, and a pleasant little Kentucky hug at the end.

A truly outstanding release of a truly outstanding bourbon.

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