Happy Mid-Year: Barrell Bourbon New Year 2018

Sometimes you get a second shot at getting a limited edition bottling you thought you missed. Very few bottles of Barrell’s New Years Bourbon made it to Louisiana. My local got none. There were rumors some of this bourbon made it to Monroe and then it was gone. But, the same friend who got me the Knob Creek store pick bottles found this just sitting on the shelf in Illinois.

The bourbons in this blend come from five states; Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana are regulars in Barrell Bourbon releases, but they also had barrels from New York and Texas. The age ranges are 2.5 to 14 years old.

111.2 proof, which is about mid range for Barrell Bourbon releases.

Appearance is a typical bourbon amber color. Nose is fruit and spice; the fruity notes are almost brandy like. On the palate it is rich, thick and syrupy; ginger, fruit preserves, and a hint of bitter dark chocolate. A little oak in the background that comes to the fore on the finish in the form of cinnamon. This is a really good, unique. and expressive bourbon. I would also bet that the Texas bourbon is probably TX from Fort Worth. Sort of like spotting a familiar face in the crowd, I think there is a heavily oaked young wheated Texas bourbon in there adding some subtle flavors.

Now, when I review a bourbon after a technical tasting I just drink some of it casually. Funny thing about this bourbon is that you really need to let it sit on the tongue for a bit and give it a Kentucky chew. With a casual sip on this one you really miss a lot for some reason. Really glad I got to get this bottle I thought I missed.

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