Tasting Notes: K.Luke Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey Small Batch Barrel Strength Batch 4

I did a detailed review of K.Luke Barrel Strength Batch 3 not even a month ago, and now Batch 4 is on the shelves. I really enjoyed batch 3 and was looking forward to batch 4. This one has the same high and low rye bourbons from Indiana and Kentucky as was in Batch 3, which is Jonathan Maisano’s signature blend. This bourbon weighs in at 117.7 proof, which is a tad higher than batch 3. This one is $111, which is basically the same as Batch 3.

Batch 4, like batch 3, is a really solid amber showing that this has spent some time in barrels. This film but super thick legs on the swirl. On the nose, very heavy caramel with vanilla in the background, along with some leather notes, very complex. On the palate is some nice green apple fruitiness which I attribute to the high rye mashbill in the mix and is consistent with batch 3, with the vanilla and caramel notes being balanced perfectly. There are some herbal notes but less so than batch 3, and I personally prefer Batch 4. Medium, very pleasant mouthfeel. On the finish, candied cherries and apples dominate along with some nice oak. This is a really really good bourbon. For my local friends, Hokus Pokus in Alexandria has this on the shelf, along with the 100 proof versions of Batch 3 and 4.

Highly recommend as a special occasion bourbon at this price point. While I loved Batch 3, I think Batch 4 is better.

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