Tasting Notes: Nulu Double Toasted Bourbon Hokus Pokus Single Barrel Select

Hokus Pokus has a new Nulu Barrel pick, this one being aged in a toasted barrel and finished with toasted French oak staves, which they call “Double Toasted”. It is non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength of 106.8 proof. This was distilled at MGP, and aged seven long years.

The color on this is a nice dark amber. Super thick legs on the swirl. On the nose is dark fruit, oak, and vanilla. On the palate, there is a ton of vanilla and oak with the fruit on the nose there in the background. The barrel and wood stave influences are especially pronounced on this bourbon. On the finish the fruit notes turn to juicy fruit gum with a little clove as the oak fades. Nice mouthfeel and a long finish are there.

This is a great barrel pick especially if you like oak on your bourbon. And there is enough bottles that it is on the shelf.

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