Tasting Notes: 2022 George T. Stagg

A bourbon prized by connoisseurs that was not released in 2021 is back with a vengeance in 2022 at 138.7 proof, uncut, non-chill filtered Buffalo Trace bourbon – George T. Stagg.

The color on this is deep amber with lots of mahogany, showing every bit of its fifteen years and five months in the barrel. The nose is rich with vanilla and oak, along with some light floral and dark fruit notes. On the swirl is a big thick film and legs. On the palate, the mouthfeel is very rich, and the vanilla notes are met with dark fruit, amaretto, clove, and oak notes. This is a really unique flavor profile for George T. Stagg. On the finish the fruit notes turn more toward pomegranate along with leather and lots of oak. This is shockingly drinkable at this proof. What a comeback for this bourbon! Some of the more recent bottlings of George T. Stagg were not as good as my first bottle I bought in 2014. But this one, with its bold flavors and fruitiness? Amazing!

5 thoughts on “Tasting Notes: 2022 George T. Stagg

    • Not really. They are still so hard to get. I exclusively by my whiskey at one particular store, and I buy a lot. So I got the only bottle they got. They usually get more than that. Hopefully under Sazerac’s new distribution scheme we will all see more of these.


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