Tasting Notes: Rebel 10 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon

As I noted in my detailed review of Rebel Distiller’s Collection, I really wanted to try Rebel’s 10 year old wheated bourbon at 100 proof. Lo and behold, Hokus was able to get a couple of bottles, and I snagged one for just under $70. There is an important note on the label, that being that this whiskey was “bottled for” Lux Row distillers, so this bourbon is likely sourced from Heaven Hill, Luxco’s long time distilling partner.

The color is a solid dark amber. On the swirl are nice, thick, oily long legs and film. On the nose are the wonderful cinnamon roll notes I often find on great wheated bourbon. On the palate, the cinnamon roll notes are accompanied by dark fruits, primarily cherries and raspberries. Really really good, with a very rich mouthfeel. On the finish, the cinnamon amplifies and mixes with some nice oak tannin.

This is a fantastic wheated bourbon. It is definitely on the same playing field as Weller Antique and the Van Winkle bourbons. If I had tried this blind, I would have thought this was a Buffalo Trace wheated bourbon – this is that good.

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