Tasting Notes: Hokus Pokus Heaven’s Door Cask Strength Single Barrel (Heaven’s Pour II)

Hokus Pokus has sourced another Heaven’s Door Single Barrel Cask Strength bourbon. Still around $60, this pick is higher in proof than the last one at 123.4 proof. However, the mashbill and the barrels are the same as the prior release, 80% corn, 10% rye, 10% malted barley, and both are 100% Tennessee bourbon.

Color is a deep amber with flecks of mahogany, attesting to the barrel influence on this bourbon. Big film and legs on the swirl. Very lovely traditional bourbon nose with lots of caramel and vanilla. On the palate the caramel and vanilla is met with some candied dark fruits. This is a really traditional bourbon flavor profile; it is good and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. On the finish, baking spices take over as the finish lingers. This is dangerously smooth for the proof.

This really does not taste like any Tennessee bourbon I have ever had. The closest thing I have had to this bourbon are certain Elijah Craig Barrel Proof store picks. The mashbill is not the same as Heaven Hill’s bourbon, but it is close with 10% rye in both. Despite being from a newer producer, this bourbon is decidedly old school in flavor profile.

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