Tasting Notes: Maker’s Mark Private Selection Hokus Pokus Ghost IV

Just in time for the holidays, Hokus Pokus has a new Maker’s Mark Private Selection pick, Ghost IV. What makes this selection unique is that is has three of the toasted French Spice staves in the mix. There are 240 bottles in this batch, and it is 109.4 proof. For wheated bourbon lovers unable to get their hands on Pappy or even Weller, Maker’s Private Selections are often the next best thing. This one costs around $70.

Color is a nice amber and on the swirl there is a thick film and really thick legs. On the nose I feel like I am in a confectioner’s shop with notes of cinnamon baked goods and hot chocolate wafting through the air. On the palate, this whiskey has a medium mouthfeel but is loaded with flavor – hot baked cinnamon rolls that are heavy on the cinnamon and even has other complex baking spices including cloves, plus cherries and other dark fruits and some dark chocolate notes. The toasted French Spice staves are very assertive. The finish lingers on and on with baking spices and oak.

This flavor profile is just excellent for a wheated bourbon. While it doesn’t have that Pappy Van Winkle mouthfeel, the flavor profile of dark fruits, baked goods, and baking spices, with oak on the finish is what wheated bourbon fans want and is what makes wheated bourbon unique when done well.

This is a well done Maker’s Private Selection.

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