Nashville Barrel Company Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Nashville Barrel Company is a non-distiller producer that sources its whiskey from Midwest Grain Products in Indiana. I had seen a lot of folks raving about their whiskey in bourbon groups I am in, so, while on vacation, I stopped by their tasting room for a tasting and picked up two bottles and a glencairn since I forgot to bring my travel whiskey tasting glass with me. I was very glad I did. I sampled three bourbons and they were all very good. While their rye whiskey is available at retail, their bourbons are bottled solely as picks for stores or bars, although some of the bottles are available at the tasting room store. I bought two bottles, one for a retailer known as Diamond Cellars, and another for Gertie’s Bar. Their bourbons range in age from 5 to 8 years; I bought two five year olds at a little over $74 a piece. I had sampled the Gertie’s before I bought these two bottles. One little subtle point is that so many folks are now using plastic corks instead of cork corks; Nashville Barrel uses cork corks, and I like that. They also have a Shopify store that ships to most states.

Gertie’s Bar, 5 years old, 116.4 proof – The color is a very deep amber for a five year old, and on the swirl is a very thin film that develops nice long legs. Traditional bourbon nose with hints of strawberries, then vanilla and caramel – very nice. On the palate is heavy rich vanilla and candied cherries and cherry altoids, with a nice medium bodied mouthfeel. On the finish the cherries turn to clove and some drying oak. Truly exceptional for a five year old bourbon.

Diamond Cellar, 5 years old, 112.8 proof – again, a very deep amber for a five year old, the film on this is thick with nice long legs. A very traditional bourbon nose again but with no fruit, just nice vanilla and caramel. On the palate the caramel notes fade into what I would describe as an almost candied vanilla, with a subtle candied rye note. Medium full bodied mouthfeel. On the finish is a ton of clove and cinnamon that really lingers with some subtle oak in the background. This really drinks a lot older than it is. I enjoyed this while on vacation and really had to push myself to save some for this review.

My tasting of three bourbons and these two bottles shows me that Nashville Barrel Company really knows what they are doing as far as picking barrels of bourbon, and I can only assume that the rye and rum are also good.

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