Tasting Notes: Hokus Pokus Pick – Oak and Eden Wheat & Spire with Amburana

I am typically not a huge fan of Oak & Eden. The wood spire business is kind of gimmicky and their MGP whiskey, while good, is often bottled to young for my taste. But Hokus Pokus really picked something really different that turns out (to my palate anyway) to be very good. This particular Oak & Eden takes wheated bourbon from MGP and then adds a wood spire made from Amburana, which is otherwise known as Brazilian Oak. This wood is often used by home brewers to add character to their beer, and Teeling finished some of their Irish whiskey in Amburana casks. The wood is known for imparting notes of gingerbread and vanilla to beer and spirits. This bottle costs $69, but given that Amburana is not cheap (it costs $81 for four large spires at wholesale for brewers), the price point is understandable. This whiskey is 116 proof, which is probably the barreling proof.

On the nose are wonderful bread and gingerbread notes. There is no mistaking the gingerbread; it is right there. The color is a very pleasing amber. On the swirl is a very nice film with thick legs. On the first sip, this tastes like churros in a glass. Heavy notes of ginger and cinnamon and under girded by a very nice wheated bourbon with lovely bread notes, brown sugar, vanilla, milk chocolate, and a nice mouthfeel. Unlike other Oak & Eden bottlings I have tried, there is no craft bitterness whatsoever. The finish has the ginger, cinnamon, brown sugar, continuing with some fruity notes emerging. The finish is extremely lingering, but not unpleasantly.

This really is dessert in a glass. The Brazilian Oak really does something special to this nice wheated bourbon.

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