Tasting Notes: Old Soul Tintype Series #1 Straight Bourbon Whiskey

I do love what Cathead Distillery is doing with their high rye MGP bourbon. Their most recent release, Tintype Series #1, is MGP Bourbon, aged for seven years in Mississippi, uncut, unfiltered, and bottled at cask strength at 119.2 proof, so it lost a smidge more alcohol than water as it aged in Mississippi, which I can only attribute to humidity. This cost me $94 at Hokus Pokus.

Color is a deep amber with a slight reddish hue. On the swirl is a really nice thick film and legs. Very traditional bourbon nose but with candied rye and Caribbean vanilla coming to the fore. On the palate, the vanilla notes intermingle with rye spice with a hint of mint; really a great representation of high rye cask strength bourbon. On the finish the vanilla fades into rye spice, grassy rye, and oak.

I have had Blanton’s Straight From the Barrel once before, and I have to say this bourbon hits a lot of those same notes. This is a top shelf high rye bourbon; I am impressed.

2 thoughts on “Tasting Notes: Old Soul Tintype Series #1 Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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