Tasting Notes: Flatboat Kentucky Straight Single Barrel Bourbon

While I was in Kentucky last week, I went by a Liquor Barn location around the corner from my hotel in Lexington. The store had a ton of store picks and I snagged a few, specifically their Stellum, Yellowstone, and Knob Creek Single Barrel picks. I also picked up their own house brand of bourbon, Flatboat Bourbon. Initially, this was exclusive to Liquor Barn, but now Total Wine is carrying it in Georgia. The back label lists the Founders Company as the producer, but I suspect that this is a Sazerac affilliate rather than a Liquor Barn affiliate. Given that Sazerac continues to have insatiable demand for its whiskies, I think this will start seeing wider distribution in the future and Total Wine’s carrying of this brand is just the beginning. I bought the Single Barrel which is bottled at 100 proof, but they also have a lower proof small batch. The salesperson who was helping me recommended the Single Barrel. It is sourced from 1792 Barton. This cost $40.

Color is a straw amber, and based on the straight whiskey designation this bourbon is at least four years old, I would guess probably five. On the swirl, big thick film and legs. On the nose is nice caramel, herbal rye, and some floral notes. On the palate is candied corn, caramel, candied rye, and some oak notes. Medium mouthfeel and the finish is medium to long, with candied rye dominating the finish. Giving this whiskey a good Kentucky chew really enhances the flavor.

This is a good high rye bourbon at 100 proof for $40. This isn’t Rock Hill Farms, although they share the same flavor profile (high rye bourbon at 100 proof) and bottle style (it may even be the same bottle but with a different top), but Rock Hill Farms is next to impossible to get. Honestly, I think Flatboat Single Barrel is a Rock Hill farms substitute from Sazerac. Given that Flatboat is starting to get wider distribution, this may be on the shelves of your local liquor store in the near future, and if you like high rye bourbon at 100 proof, you definitely want to pick this up.

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