Tasting Notes: Stellum Bourbon

Stellum Bourbon is the latest project of Joe Beatrice of Barrell Craft Spirits. Like many Barrell bourbon releases, this is a blend of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana bourbons bottled at cask strength, 114.38 proof. However, rather than every batch being different, Stellum is meant to be a consistent product – same flavor profile and proof in each bottle. The average price is around $55, which is right for cask strength bourbon.

Color is a nice amber; probably five to eight year old bourbons are in the mix. Kind of syrupy on the pour and one the swirl in a thin film with thick gravity defying legs. On those nose is a ton of caramel, some vanilla, a touch of baking spice and seasoned oak. On the palate is a lot of cinnamon with some clove, traditional vanilla and caramel with some cherry and juicy fruit gum notes in the mix, which is complimented by drying oak and some rye spiciness on the finish. While there is some Cascade Hollow bourbon in the blend, the Dickel vitamin funky notes are not there. My guess is that there is mostly MGP bourbon-on the back label Indiana is listed first before Kentucky and Tennessee, so maybe my guess is right. Despite the high proof this is a bourbon you can really chew and hold on your palate.

This bourbon could easily have been a Barrell bourbon release. Really great that they are just going to keep blending casks to this result.

This is a great cask strength bourbon that is apparently going to be widely available, and the price is definitely right. Hokus Pokus just got this in along with Stellum’s cask strength rye.

2 thoughts on “Tasting Notes: Stellum Bourbon

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