Jim Beam Single Barrel 108 Proof: Blown Away By A $30 Bottle Of Bourbon

I decided to pull the trigger on this close to the bottom shelf bottle for $31, Jim Beam Single Barrel 108 proof. When I read up on it, finding out it was non-chill filtered at 108 proof for $31 at Hokus, I knew I would have to try this. Old Tub proved to be very good, and this might too.

The color on this a medium straw colored amber, so I am betting this is in the five to six year old range. On the swirl is an oily film with legs that just hang there. On the nose, very traditional Jim Beam bourbon notes, some nuttiness, but could I already be detecting cherries?

On the palate caramel, dark chocolate, some light Jim Beam nuttiness, but then there is a blast of cherries along with some cola notes. On the finish, the cherry cola lingers and lingers along with some oak tannin. My wife Catherine tried and she liked it as well.

And I can’t believe I am writing about a $30 bourbon with a screw top. This bottling reminds me very much of certain Knob Creek Single Barrel releases, particularly Ginger. It is just loaded with those wonderful cherry notes.

Jim Beam just continues to amaze me at how good their bourbon is at over 100 proof and non-chill filtered. If cherries are not your thing, this bourbon won’t be. But if they are, like they are for me, this $30 screw top bottle might become one of your regular daily drinkers. This is also one of those bourbons you could slip into a blind taste test and go “surprise!” It’s that good.

2 thoughts on “Jim Beam Single Barrel 108 Proof: Blown Away By A $30 Bottle Of Bourbon

  1. I am really pleased with this one, and I have to admit my expectations were low. Orange peel and cherries. I pick up the slight nuttiness as well. maybe a hint of black tea. Drinks like a lower proof w a nice little hit of warmth on the sides of my tongue. I’m a fan, especially at such a great price.


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