Widow Jane Lucky 13 Straight Bourbon Whiskey Hokus Pokus Barrel Pick

I have written about Widow Jane previously, and do have to say their single barrel bottlings of MGP bourbon are good. Yesterday Hokus Pokus released a new barrel, 13 years old, at 97 proof.

Compared to other barrel picks I have had, this is a year older and 97 as opposed to 99 proof. My understanding is that that extra year of aging reduced the barrel yield so there are fewer bottles at 97 proof than a typical barrel pick.

This bourbon is really yummy. Nice legs on the swirl, nice caramel color with some red flecks in it. Nose and palate are very traditional bourbon but with wonderful pronounced vanilla and oak notes, with a hint of rye on the back of the palate. Nice mouthfeel. Finish lingers with vanilla and candied cherries.

Really delicious. I think Widow Jane did hit a lucky thirteen on this barrel, and, given the label, these should be available all over the country soon.

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