Hokus Pokus’ Store Pick, “Farmhouse”: Whistlepig Single Barrel Rye (at least) 10 Years Old

Whistlepig from Vermont is a huge name in the American rye market. I wrote about them extensively when I reviewed another Hokus Pokus barrel pick of their 10 year old rye. Hokus has now sourced more of this delightful whiskey. This barrel pick they have dubbed “Farmhouse,” and it is rumored to be much older than the label states. This was released Friday at all three locations, and with spending time with family over the weekend I just got a chance to open it up.

This one weighs in at 103.7 proof. The color on this rye is more the color of a long aged scotch-a deep yellowish hue. On the swirl are some pretty thick legs.

On the nose though you can tell this isn’t scotch. Herbal and sweet notes of light caramel, and some faint oak and black pepper. On the palate, a lovely medium slightly syrupy mouthfeel is followed by herbal tea, Earl Gray tea, honeysuckle, honeydew melon, and light vanilla, which crescendoes into a finish of light cherry altoids, slight clove, herbs, black pepper and oak. And a looong lingering finish. But, despite the oak, the finish is juicy.

I am mostly a bourbon guy when it comes to whiskey. But certain scotches, Irish whiskies, and American ryes always remind me to switch things up a bit from time to time. This barrel of Whistlepig is one of them. It has so many complex wonderful flavors with an amazing finish. The other thing is that often whiskey writers will note certain whiskies would go well with a cigar. This would work well with a lighter cigar (a maduro would be too spicy with this) or even a bowl of English Pipe tobacco. This barrel pick is just delightfully complex and delicious.

One thought on “Hokus Pokus’ Store Pick, “Farmhouse”: Whistlepig Single Barrel Rye (at least) 10 Years Old

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