Three Course Savory Cocktails: The Bullshot, Steak in a Glass, and the Louisiana Dude With Sugarfield Spirits

Yesterday, on a friend of mine’s Facebook page, was some dialogue about the gross idea of a beef broth fizz recipe from the 1950’s was, but I replied, you haven’t tried a Bullshot. So, I got inspired to experiment with savory cocktails this afternoon, including the Bullshot.

In the 1950’s, a Mad Men style advertising agency was working on the Campbell’s beef broth account in a bar in Detroit. What they came up with was the Bullshot cocktail, and an advertising campaign to “Drink your Soup.” The Bullshot, along with the Bloody Mary, are the two most common savory cocktails. While the Bloody Mary has remained ubiquitous, the Bullshot has been all but lost to history, except I have had them a couple of times in upscale bars.

To make, from my mind, a classic Bullshot, you basically substitute beef broth for tomato juice in a Bloody Mary. So, for mine, I used 2 oz. of Sugarfield Spirit’s vodka, a three dashed of Worcestershire sauce, two dashes of Tabasco Family Reserve Pepper sauce, and four oz. of beef broth. After stirring, pour over ice in a rocks glass. A deliciously different take on a Bloody Mary.

One of the more interesting trends though has been to substitute bourbon in Vodka cocktails. The best example is the Kentucky Mule, which has become quite popular of late. So, I thought, what might happen if I changed the Bullshot recipe a bit. Same recipe as above, but I substituted Sugarfield Spirits bourbon for the Vodka and used Tabasco Roasted Pepper Sauce and added a touch of black pepper. This Bullshot tastes corn fed. And it tastes, well, pretty darn good.

I think I will call it Steak in a Glass. Because that is kind of what it tastes like.

To finish off my three course cocktail hour, Hokus Pokus just got Sugarfield Spirit’s Coffee Liqueur in inventory, along with the other Sugarfield Spirits line – rum, vodka, and bourbon. So, I decided to make a Sugarfield Spirits White Russian, or as one might call it, the Louisiana Dude after the Big Lebowski.

To make, use 2 oz of Sugarfield Spirits vodka, 1.5 oz of Coffee Liqueur, and 2 oz of heavy cream, over ice. The Sugarfield Coffee Liqueur is made from coffee created by my favorite coffee place in Lafayette, LA, Rev’e. This coffee liqueur leaves Kalhua in the dust as far as coffee flavor. Yet, it is more bitter and less sweet than Kalhua, inasmuch as there is no added sugar in the coffee liqueur. So, this version of the White Russian emphasizes the Coffee bitterness rather than being super sweet, so I think it qualifies as savory. Yet, the coffee bitterness is delightfully offset by the sweetness of the cane sugar vodka. This is one heck of a cocktail. To make this taste like more of a traditional White Russian, add 1 tsp of sugar to the cocktail to put in the sugar Sugarfield Spirits intentionally left out of their Liqueur.

I enjoyed my little savory cocktail experiment. And, it reminded me of just how good all of those crazy cocktails of the 1950’s and 1960’s are, and that I am glad they are making a comeback.

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