Barrell Bourbon Batch 23 – an amazing blend of older bourbons that captures all of the best of Cascade Hollow, Four Roses, and MGP

It’s been a while since I have reviewed a Barrell Bourbon release. I had picked up so many fall limited release bourbons that I needed to review, and I just hadn’t picked up a bottle in a while. On Saturday thought I was looking for something new to review, and I picked up a bottle of batch 23. This one is labeled as ten years old, and has barrels from Tennessee (Cascade Hollow – Barrell’s standard), Kentucky (could be Heaven Hill, Four Roses, or Barton) and Indiana (MGP). The Cascade Hollow barrels are 15 years old, which has been typical of Barrell releases lately, and the others are 10 or 12 years old. This one is a 107.78 proof release.

Color is a nice golden amber tending toward the darker side, but not red. Very long legs on the swirl. The nose is very nice – some baking spice, vanilla, oak, a little leather, dark chocolate, a little mint, some herbal rye. There is a lot going on here. The palate is also complex – honey, Luxardo Cherry, cinnamon roll, leather, orange zest, Juicy Fruit gum when you first start chewing it. I think there is both low rye Four Roses and MGP in there, to a delightful result. Medium full mouthfeel, with a very long finish where the cinnamon roll, leather and orange zest linger.

A lot of Barrell releases lately have had a lot of peanut on them. Sometimes I am in the mood for that but most of the time I am not. This one absolutely does not have any peanut notes, and is exactly what I am looking for in a Barrell release. Yes, this was absolutely worth the $89 I paid. Top shelf bourbon that is really juicy and complex, and good on them for using so many older barrels with great flavors to make this one.

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