Knob Creek Quarter Oak Bourbon: The Latest Limited Release

Knob Creek Single Barrel, and particularly store pics, have really grown on me as a great go to evening whiskey. That includes both the bourbon and the rye. The Knob Creek Quarter Oak is the standard Knob Creek 100 proof bourbon of which a part was aged in quarter casks, which are smaller. I happened to pick up a bottle of this in New Orleans in the French Quarter, and the Louisiana bourbon collective facebook group informed me there are a number of bottles around Louisiana, despite that it was released last fall.

On the nose, sweet caramel and vanilla, although I am in a hotel room using something other than a standard tasting glass. Nice film and legs. On the palate, this is a very standard Knob Creek 100 proof taste, but with a ton of oak which turns to cinnamon on the finish. But the finish keeps lingering with vanilla as well.

The only downside, is there is some nuttiness there from the Beam family yeast. Not much, I am not that bothered by it, but yep, it is there. The color is a little lighter as well, and given than Knob Creek has lost its age statement but is getting it back, I think this bourbon is a little younger due to the experimental nature of what they did. Also, given the color, this is younger whiskey that did soak up more oak flavor but not color from the quarter casks. I think (but don’t know) that they took some aging bourbon, say, five to seven years old, put it in quarter casks for six months to a year, then blended it back with standard Knob Creek at a 1:3 ratio – one part quarter cask to three parts regular Knob Creek. The label suggests that although it doesn’t state aging times nor proportions.

If you are a serious Knob Creek/Booker’s/Baker’s fan, you should definitely find one of these to complete your collection. This bourbon is very good and the added oak is quite a nice addition to the standard Knob Creek flavor profile. The price is right too, given that I paid $50 for it in the French Quarter, I imagine it is $40 anywhere else. To have something limited release for $40? I can’t really complain.

Except this bourbon is just regular Knob Creek (which is awfully good) with extra oak notes with a little peanut funk.

Pick it up if you see one (which I did) but you don’t need to go out of your way to get it.

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