Tasting Notes on Booker’s 2019-4 release: Beaten Biscuits

I pretty much buy and review every Booker’s release. Sometimes you can find real gems of cask strength bourbon; other times they have a lot of what I call peanut funk that comes from the wild yeast the Beam family uses to ferment their mash.

This release is six and a half years old at a nice 126.1 proof. The color is a lovely chestnut amber with a nice film and medium legs. On the nose, sweet caramel, slight vanilla, herbal rye, and oak. On the palate, the caramel and vanilla intertwine nicely with the herbal rye, which grows on the finish. The finish is like an oaked version of Old Grand Dad 114. Which is pretty special.

Moreover, very little peanut funk. So this Booker’s is definitely worth getting.

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