Happy National Bourbon Day! Woodford Reserve Batch Strength 2019 Release

Happy National Bourbon Day! And like Christmas in June, I was able to pick up bottles of Booker’s Shiny Barrel and this year’s release of the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Batch Strength release. I will review Shiny Barrel in the near future but I decided to crack open the Woodford tonight.

Having had two court appearances on injunction hearings this week, having some good bourbon this Friday night is definitely in order. But who needs whiskey when you can get

Well, I do, in an adderall and alcohol sort of way.

So, I reviewed last year’s batch strength release here. The color on this year’s release is a little lighter but still has that reddish hue. This one is slightly lower in proof-123.2 proof. Which begs the question of why they didn’t squeeze a little more alcohol in there so it could be 123.4 proof. Just because that would have been trippy.

I do like this release and it is very Woodford Reserve. But, rather than the flavor profile focusing like last year’s on dark fruits, particularly cherries, this one is very caramel forward. Lovely, but very different from last year’s batch. The caramel is on the same level as Booker’s Kentucky Chew, but in a Woodford way. On the finish is the traditional wood sugars Woodford Reserve is famous for with a hint of cinnamon. Really a great bourbon.

And a good one to celebrate National Bourbon Day!

One thought on “Happy National Bourbon Day! Woodford Reserve Batch Strength 2019 Release

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