Barrell Bourbon Batch 17: one of Barrell’s best yet

Well, after a busy last two weeks I finally got to open this one-Barrell Bourbon Batch 17. Again Barrell is adding some MGP (Midwest Grain Products) juice with some Kentucky bourbon, likely Heaven Hill, against their palate of Cascade Hollow (Dickel) bourbon used in all of their bourbons.

This has some nice age on it, with the ten year four month age statement meaning that the youngest bourbon in this is that age. I imagine there is some fifteen year old juice in this. A nice healthy 112.5 proof shouldn’t be too hot.

I am enjoying this after cooking lamb chops for my step son Jack’s birthday along with white chocolate bread pudding my wife made.

Extremely long and thick legs emanate from an oily crown after swishing in my glass. On the nose there is brown sugar, cherries and apples, and vanilla. On the palate are the same notes with a dash of hazelnut and hint of mint and coco finishing with cinnamon and very mild oak.

A truly solid bourbon that will require some discipline on my part to keep this bottle around for more than a week. Really really good.

One thought on “Barrell Bourbon Batch 17: one of Barrell’s best yet

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