Hokus Pokus Knob Creek Store Pick; 14 years and three months old, I helped pick it and it’s awesome but what they did to the label…

My friends know that I lobby my local, Hokus Pokus, to get certain barrel picks, including the amazing Four Roses pick from last year. I had also been pushing for them to do a Knob Creek barrel pick, given how awesome ones I have had from Binny’s are.

My lobbying paid off. I got invited to Hokus to try whiskey from three different Knob Creek barrels. It was a really cool experience. They send three sample whiskies and water they use to proof whiskey down, and tell you how many drops to add to get the whiskies to 120 proof from the barrel proof.

We went with barrel sample B, because it has these wonderful cherry notes. Much to my surprise, a little water actually made this 130 proof bourbon taste a little better.

The barrel finally came in today, and I got to pick up my case. The stats:

Color is a deep rich copper with slight mahogany tones. Beautiful long legs.

The nose is extremely rich. Dark fruit, oak, brown sugar, almost Liqueur like. The palate is deep and rich, with light caramel, vanilla, oak, buttered brown sugar like you would find in Banana’s Foster, with the finish turning to add maraschino cherries. Really, an ideal bourbon with an excellent mouthfeel. Top drawer stuff. Really a dreamy bourbon.

Now, did my friends dedicate this bourbon to me, as one of their best customers and who tasted and help pick this barrel? Did they name it Drell’s Reserve, or Brad’s Batch, or anything like that? Nope. And that would be a little bit egotistical on my part to expect that. But I had hoped for something dignified.

Did that happen? Nope.

It got named “Scooby Snacks.”

And they dedicated it to the “meddring REFS” who cost the Saints the Super Bowl. Whroo Rat?

I sort of feel like the Holden Caulfield of bourbon over this. You help pick a barrel of magnificent 14 year old bourbon at 120 proof, and someone writes Whroo Rat on the label. I think, even, if I even die, and they stick me in a cemetery, and I have a tombstone and all, it’ll say “Brad Drell” on it, and then what year I was born and what year I died, and right under that it’ll say “Whroo Rat?” I’m positive in fact.

One thought on “Hokus Pokus Knob Creek Store Pick; 14 years and three months old, I helped pick it and it’s awesome but what they did to the label…

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