Barrell Dovetail-A Truly Great Flavor Experiment

Part of my “problem” as a whiskey hobbyist is that I am always looking for something new and different but also good. To be honest, given the whiskey boom we are experiencing world wide, there are a whole range of new products on the market.

A lot of them are crap.

But not so with Barrell I have found. One of their latest releases, while technically part of the “Whiskey”‘series of bourbon recipe whiskey aged in used cooperage, stands on its own a little bit. Barrell Dovetail is a blend of Barrell’s bourbon sourced from Cascade Hollow (Dickel/Diageo) in Tennessee, finished in black strap rum casks and port pipes, blended with Carondolet whiskey (it would have been bourbon but for the used cooperage; bourbon on the wrong side of Canal Street) finished in Dunn Vineyards Cabernet barrels.

A hefty 122.9 proof, which I suspect is primarily from the MGP Carondolet whiskey.

The color is deep copper, reminding me of the color of that tall stills at Glenmorangie distillery in Scotland. The nose is extremely complex; cognac notes from the port barrels, molasses from the rum, some dark fruits, a hint of anise; just a lot going on.

On the palate, candied cherries, marshmallows, caramelized brown sugar, and burnt oak. Really lovely. A huge lingering pleasant finish. Excellent mouthfeel. Almost cordial like but without the excessive sugar.

So, the last two whiskies I reviewed were not great. Glad I picked this one next. Catherine tried it and she liked it too. Definitely a dessert whiskey except it has so much going on flavor wise I am not sure what I would pair it with, so call this a night cap whiskey you should enjoy post dessert.

Definitely takes the sting out of the football game I just watched.

One thought on “Barrell Dovetail-A Truly Great Flavor Experiment

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