Tasting Notes on Booker’s Kitchen Table

I have written a good bit about Booker’s bourbon on this blog. Well, the fourth release of 2018 is out-Kitchen Table. I think it is the best Booker’s release this year.

128 proof, six years and eight months old. On the nose is wonderful floral and corn notes. On the palate is corn syrup sweetness, vanilla, and a little caramel, followed by rye and baking spice. A little Jim Beam funk but not as bad as Kentucky Chew which was loaded with it. Finish is a wonderful combination of oak and cinnamon. Really really good bourbon.

Jim Beam’s description that the Kitchen Table is one of their more mellow releases of Booker’s really doesn’t do this bottle justice. It has a ton of great flavors that really shine. I will definitely be looking for another bottle.

One thought on “Tasting Notes on Booker’s Kitchen Table

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