Michter’s US-1 Small Batch Bourbon

Last August I snagged a bottle of Michter’s 10 year old wanting to see what the fuss was about. I thought the ten year old was a bit too much hype for what it was. But I have never tried their standard small batch bourbon. Friends of mine have said it is a solid pour. So let’s see what we have here for $38.

It’s 91.4 proof. Kind of an odd proof. I wonder why they picked that. Color is a nice amber. Nice oily legs, but a little bit thin. The nose is quite nice. Nothing offensive about it but nothing really stands out either. On the palate is a lot of rye and oak spice. The sweetness from the corn is definitely backgrounded but there are some vanilla and raisin notes in there. A hint of bitterness like you would want in an Old Fashioned. The mouthfeel on this bourbon is quite nice. Luscious and tongue coating. On the finish it has more oak than I would have expected. A very good bourbon and clearly a much better value than the ten year old.

As well as it’s odd proof this bourbon has an odd price point. Mine was $38. It’s a tiny bit more expensive than Eagle Rare or E.H. Taylor Small Batch. But it’s knocking on the $40 range where you can get things like Knob Creek Single Barrel.

While Michter’s has spun up its distillery this is still a sourced bourbon. I think this is possibly Four Roses juice. I think this bourbon had a low entry proof into the barrel and some alcohol evaporated. I get the sense they didn’t add a lot of water to proof this down. It’s a good solid pour and I recommend it if you are a regular bourbon drinker and want to try something different. It won’t blow you away but it’s definitely good.

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