Amador 10 Barrels Chardonnay Cask Finish – A Gift from A Happy Client!

As a lawyer, I rarely receive gifts from clients. As I look at it, as far as appreciating my work, that is what the money is for. But, every so often, a client will want to reward me on a job well done with more than money. A very good client for whom I handled a major case gave me a gift today. This client knew about my passion for whiskey and bourbon and particular. He bought me a very rare bottle that, upon tasting, has turned out to be excellent.

This particular bottle of Amador is from their limited release Ten Barrels series. This is their fourth release. They sourced 10 year old bourbon from Barton 1792 distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky, a great distillery in its own right for their amazing 1792 bourbons, finished the bourbon in Chardonnay casks for six months, and then bottled the whiskey at a healthy 100 proof. Ten barrels were used for this small batch and only 3,618 bottles were released.

The color is a beautiful red mahogany, which must be from the bourbon used as I can’t imagine Chardonnay barrels would have darkened the bourbon. On the nose is rye spice, very soft sweet corn notes, a slight oak note. Very nice. On the palate, prevalent rye and oak spice, very reminiscent of the 1792 Bottled in Bond, yet softer, more mellow somehow. Very nice mouthfeel on this. The finish is very spicy but not the least bit dry; lingers for a bit in a very pleasant way.

Now, the whiskey they finished in Chardonnay barrels was great to begin with; a ten year old 100 proof 1792 bourbon, and I can only assume these were honey barrels. I am at a loss at this point to figure out what the Chardonnay barrels actually did to this bourbon, other than just soften it and mellow it to a delightful result.

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