Four Roses Single Barrel

I remember the good old days when Four Roses Single Barrel was not so hard to find. But, with all things bourbon nowadays, demand has far outstripped the availability of great bourbon. So, I was pretty happy today to pick up a bottle. The regular single barrel at 100 proof is said to be OBSV, which is their high rye mashbill fermented with the delicate fruit yeast they use. OBSV was one of the four bourbons blended for the Al Young edition last year, and is probably one of the best bourbons they make.

This whiskey sports a delicate, fruity nose. Palate is candied fruit (even a hint of plum) and delightful cinnamon with some light oak notes. Finish is long and spicy but not dry. Sinfully easy to drink. Dangerously smooth for a 100 Proof whiskey. Very easy to sip. This bourbon could easily get you into trouble before you knew what hit you.

I am not a huge Four Roses regular or small batch fan, but the Single Barrel is always worth picking up. At $45 a bottle it’s a great buy and something really different from most bourbons out there as far as flavor profile.

2 thoughts on “Four Roses Single Barrel

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