Eagle Rare 17 from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

I have had two bottles of Eagle Rare 17 in my lifetime. The first was six years ago when I received a bottle as a gift from a lawyer to whom I referred a very profitable case due to a conflict. The second I bought. I also got a drink of this once at the Bourbon House in New Orleans. It’s very hard to get and my preference when it comes to the BTAC Collection whiskies are the cask strength ones, George T. Stagg, William LaRue Weller, and Thomas Handy Sazerac Rye. But not everyone is into that as was shown last night at the New Years Eve Party at my house last night.

I drink Eagle Rare 10 year old all the time. It’s something I will often bring out with me. It works neat, on the rocks, and in cocktails but I hate to put that good of a sipping bourbon in cocktails generally speaking. The 17 year old is that and more.

The color is a beautiful honey amber. The nose is wonderfully floral with just a wisp of oak. On the palate is caramel, chocolate, all spice, a hint of anise. Luxurious mouthfeel. The finish just goes on and on despite the dryness of the finish.

A truly great bourbon. It’s a very well done proofed down older whiskey whose only real competition in the segment would be the Van Winkle Bourbons or Jefferson’s Presidential Select. This bourbon doesn’t get blogged about as much as the Cask Strength BTACs or the Van Winkle Bourbons. But maybe it should, except there are so few bottles of it every year.

2 thoughts on “Eagle Rare 17 from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

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