Jefferson’s Reserve Grand Selection Chateau Rochon Baron Was A Big Hit Tonight

We had our inaugural meeting of the newly formed Central Louisiana Chapter of the Federal Bar Association. Being the social Co-chair, I was in charge of handling the catering but also came up with the idea of serving bourbon for tasting along with the wine we were having. My co-chair donated a bottle of 1792 Sweet Wheat to the endeavor. I decided to bring something out of my collection that would really make a splash. There are a couple of things about lawyers; a lot of them drink, a lot of them drink whiskey, and some of them have a lot of money. They weren’t going to be easily impressed. So, I brought out something pretty different.

So, I went with my unopened bottle of Jefferson’s Grand Selection. There were two releases this year. A Sauternes finished Bourbon I opened and my wife tried and claimed as her bourbon and this one, a Bordeaux finished bourbon.

This bourbon had a wonderful floral nose reminiscent of fine brandy. On the palate it was only slightly sweet but the rye spices nicely mingled with the wine flavors that made this a wonderful whiskey to pair with the wonderful food we had, especially the bacon wrapped dates.

Half of the 1792 was drunk and almost all the Jefferson’s was gone. I managed to save just a little to take home.

I got a lot of compliments on the Jefferson’s; not just what People said but the looks on their faces. You know that damn, that’s good look people get. Hokus has another red wine cask finished bourbon on it’s shelves presently, but I think there may be a run on that stuff leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday after tonight.

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