I saw Kingsman the Golden Circle today; review of Old Forester Statesman

I have always been a fan of spy movies, including the original Kingsman The Secret Service. Kingsman is slightly comedic; not Austin Powers comedic but definitely funny. Great gadgets and great action sequences gives Kingsman a 007 flair. 

In Golden Circle, the British Kingsman are almost eliminated and are forced to seek the help of a similar American organization, Statesman. While Kingsman use a Seville row tailor shop, Statesman uses a bourbon distillery as cover. 

The film partnered with Brown Forman to produce an eponymous Statesman bourbon as the fourth installment to their Whisky row series. 

I continue to be impressed with the Old Forester Whisky Row Series. The 1897 Bottled in Bond is excellent. The 1920 Prohibition style is a must have for a top notch bourbon collection. Statesman, while lower proof, is a truly scrappy spice and oak bomb with a little corn sweetness on the palate. Pulled from barrels in the warmest parts of Old Forester’s warehouses, so this whiskey had experienced accelerated aging in wood. It is a little astringent on the finish for my taste. But it really is good bourbon. 

A lot of folks have really poo poo’ed this release but I really do like it. I am still hoping Old Forester does a cask strength non-chill filtered release next. 

One thought on “I saw Kingsman the Golden Circle today; review of Old Forester Statesman

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